Analyse and discuss the educational TVET policies in Chile starting from the development of a research strategy including the analysis of the dominant discourse in the public debate, regional and local experiences, along with the educational- work pathways of the TVET graduates on the last years.


Know the current orientation of the sector policies, the most relevant actors and development agents that impact in their development, as well as the incoming topics of discussion about TVET in the country.

Analyse regional and local experiences of coordination between TVET actors in Chile, outlining the achievements and problems faced for the consolidation of educational proposals coordinated towards the productive challenges of current times.

Analyse the TVET students’ aspirations and projects for the future in Chile, the predominant educational- work pathways and their adequacy to the current educational models.

Understand and disseminate international relevant experiences that may serve as the framework for further discussions about the innovation of TVET policies in our country.

Promote the development of forums and debates about the current state of TVET in Chile and its future projections, providing research material created by this project and other analysis resources intended for such purposes.